Group Exercise Timetable

Day Morning Evening
Monday 4:45pm – Strength
5:30pm – Stretch
Tuesday 6:30am – Kayak* 6:30pm – Run
Wednesday 6:30am – Cycle 4pm – Kayak**
6pm – Kayak***
6:30pm – Run
Thursday  6:30pm – Run
Friday 6:30am – Kayak*
Saturday 7:30am – Cycle
Sunday 8am – Run  10am – Kayak

Kayak sessions: *7:00am in winter **In non daylight savings time ***In daylight savings time

Strength: A class for core stability training, maintenance and rehab after injury.
Stretch: An educational recovery session to improve your flexibility and make you feel real good.
Kayaking: Group paddle sessions on the Yarra River, an initial lesson is suggested, contact Liam to get started.
Cycling: Group rides, Wed 1 hour, Sat 2-5 hours. Indoor trainers can be booked or hired anytime.
Running: Structured 1 hour group sessions, Tues meet at Princes Park SE corner, Thurs & Sun meet at Collingwood track.
The sessions have an annual membership fee, depending on your level you can choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership.

For more information on any of these sessions or other services offered by Vigor, you can email or call (03) 9481 2365