Vigorous Weekends

Vigorous Weekends

Join us for fun weekend adventures throughout country Victoria. The idea is to enjoy an active weekend with a group of like minded people. It can be as hard or easy as you like, whether you’re training up for an event or just happy to cruise and take in some fresh country air. We also like to put a focus on good food; an active lifestyle requires a healthy diet, so don’t worry you won’t go hungry on a Vigorous Weekend.

As we become more established and learn more great places to take a group, expect more exciting destinations. In the mean time we suggest you participate in the regular Vigor training sessions on offer so you are fit and ready at any point to escape for a weekend with us.

Vigorous Weekends will generally happen close to a body of water so we go for a paddle in our kayaks. They also happen near where there are some good hills and trails for running and cycling. Often there is an option of road cycling or mountain biking. Generally you will leave after work on the Friday night and arrive at your destination to a yummy dinner waiting for you. Saturday and Sunday will be packed with activities including: run, ride, paddle, swim and a stretch session.


Most weekends away include all accommodation, food and group sessions. Cost is generally $200 for Vigor members ($250 for non members).