The stretching classes are conducted in a friendly casual environment, all you need is some comfortable clothing and one hour to take your body back to the way it should be.

The class starts with some gentle breathing, basic stretching and mobility work to warm up. It then leads into more complex, deeper stretches, sometimes using props, the wall or partners. It will cover specific problem muscles head to toe, leaving you taller and more relaxed.

Great results can be achieved by doing one stretching class a week. It’s a cost effective and enjoyable way to look after yourself in the short term as well as long term if done regularly. Regular participation will also teach you how to stretch effectively yourself so you will have the knowledge of how to treat your own problems as soon as they arise.


No bookings required. Come along in comfortable, loose clothing that allows free limb movement. We provide the mats, blankets and equipment. Check class times on our home page.


First time stretchers can pay $10, after this you can buy a Vigor Group Exercise Pass (VGEP),┬áthere is no expiry and you can share the pass with your partner. Check the membership page for current VGEP prices. There is a $15 charge for casual visits but we encourage the VGEP as it doesn’t expire and it takes time to learn all the stretches. Become a Vigor Member to get discount rates.