The Vigor Kayaking group trains on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6:30am (7am in winter), and Wednesday afternoon/evening – 4pm during non daylight savings time and 6pm during daylight savings time. We kayak on the Yarra River starting from the Fairfield Boathouse and the sessions take about an hour. We also meet on weekends, once you are on the email list you will be informed regularly of weekend training and events.

You can join the Vigor Kayaking Group by becoming a Vigor member. This gives you access to a year of coached kayaking sessions and support for your goal events. It also gives you discounts at the Vigor Clinic to make sure you can keep up the paddling.

Many of us are members of the Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club (INCC). You can join INCC if you don’t have your own equipment and make use of the facilities.

Vigor also has a full range of kayaks and paddles for hire and sale, if you’d like to see what’s available check out the Kayaks & Paddles page. Vigor members get a great discount on purchasing Meek paddles and Stellar kayaks!

The Kayaking Session

The sessions are for beginners to intermediate paddlers, those wanting to join the group with no experience will need introduction lessons (see below).

Tuesday & Wednesday sessions

We meet at INCC and paddle up river for about a 2km warm up which gets us to a straight section of the river. We then do efforts focusing on technique, as you improve this can become more of a speed session. We then paddle back for our 2km warm down.

Friday & weekend sessions

We meet at INCC and paddle down river towards Dights Falls (about 7km). Depending on ability and time you turn back wherever suits you. Studley Park Boathouse is often the target, making a nice 10km round trip in the hour. There will be a coach at each session for technique advice and tips.

Kayaking Lessons

Liam takes regular group sessions for $50 each (up to 10 people) but if those times don’t suit you we can take 1-3 people out for 1 hour at an arranged time, the cost can be shared ($85 for 1, $50 each for 2 or more), Vigor members get a $10 discount when it’s a one on one. Depending on ability it will take 1-3 lessons to become independent and ready to join the group. There will be a focus on safety and technique. We offer lessons with sit on top boats and sit in boats.

In addition to this you can add another hour session for video analysis, this can be organised as a group session so you can learn from each other.

If you would like to make a time or have any questions we are happy to help and get you started!

Supported Events

Kayaking doesn’t have to be a competitive sport, it can just be recreational. We want you to enjoy your kayaking and the fitness benefits it brings. We think that our kayak tours are an ideal goal to train for, you can check out our Kayak Tour page.

Kayaking is a relatively small sport but there are many great events which you can find out about via the Canoe Victoria website.

Vigor organises two multi-sport events each year which include a kayak leg. Check out Lake Eildon Challenge and King Valley Challenge in our Events section.

Vigor also runs the ‘Stellar Vigor Cup’ each year in September. This is a race from Bellbird Park to Dights Falls and back which is approximately 9km. It’s an ideal event to test yourself out and aim to improve on your time each year!


We have some great member discounts from our kayaking sponsors. We buy paddles from Meek, kayaks from Stellar and gear from Vaikobi. Check out our Kayaks & Paddles page for more information.

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