Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours

Vigor Kayak Tours will always happen over the March long weekend.

2016 – Murray River

This year we will be mixing it up a little with the Murray Quad event on the same weekend. Over the 3 days we will paddle 94kms from Yarrawonga to Tocumwal (this is day 1 of the Murray Marathon). The Sunday will be part of the Murray Quad event with a 26km paddle from Cobram to Tocumwal, the Saturday and Monday will be the 68kms split roughly in half from Yarrwonga to Cobram.

We will be staying in houses in Yarrawonga to make things easier so this will be the softest Kayak tour to date but it’s going to be an amazing weekend of fun and games on and around the mighty Murray River.

Vigor supplies all equipment, accommodation and transport for each tour. All you need to do is train with the Vigor Kayaking group so you know (and we know) you are fit enough to complete the tour, and of course pay to confirm one of the spots available.

You can bring your own kayak if it’s suitable for the waterway, but we generally supply most kayaks and suit them to your ability, we have a full range of top quality kayaks so you have an enjoyable paddle.

The paddles are carbon, so they are light and strong, to avoid injuries and improve paddling efficiency. The PFDs are kayak specific with room for a hydration bladder and plenty of room to move the shoulders and rotate the torso for good technique. To our knowledge no tour group offers equipment this good, this ensures you go fast, enjoy your paddling and don’t get injuries from sub-standard gear.

What to Bring

This is a general guide of what to bring on our tours, if items need to be added or deleted for a specific tour we will let you know when you enquire about that tour.


We hope to make our kayak tours as easy as possible for you by supplying all equipment, transport of kayaks and catering for meals, not to mention training you up and guiding you. However, we want our adventures to be accessible to everyone and we hope our prices don’t leave you out. Costs are different for each tour but as a guide it will be around $350 for Vigor Members ($400 for non members). If your partner is coming and not paddling we can arrange a cheaper rate, if you are bringing you’re own equipment we can also arrange a discount.

Any questions about our Kayak Tours, please speak to Liam. We look forward to paddling with you!

Past Tours

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