The strength class focuses on developing core strength and stability, and strengthening common weaknesses such as shoulders, hips and knees. Exercises vary in difficulty during the class. For participants differing in ability and strength, the instructor will allow for this with less repetitions or a modified exercise. It is usually more beneficial to do less repetitions with proper form than to worry about doing all the repetitions and cheating – as you get stronger you’ll do more anyway.

The classes are for everyone but will particularly suit athletes and those that are not doing the necessary strength training for their sport. The hour will also teach the participant new exercises and correct technique. One strength class a week saves you going to the gym so why pay that membership you don’t use?

If you haven’t done any strength work before it is advised to see one of the Vigor practitioners to assess your readiness and ability levels, particularly if you are rehabilitating or have a chronic complaint. In these situations it is practical for one of us to guide you through a session one-on-one to ensure you understand the techniques.


No bookings required, just come along in comfortable exercise clothes. We provide all the mats and equipment. The classes are quite social and are as intense as you want them to be – enjoyment is part of the equation! Check class times on our home page.

How Much

First time strengtheners can pay $10, after this you can buy a Vigor Group Exercise Pass (VGEP),┬áthere is no expiry and you can share the pass with your partner. Check the membership page for current VGEP prices. There is a $15 charge for casual visits but we encourage the VGEP as it doesn’t expire and it takes time to learn all the exercises. Become a Vigor Member to get discount rates.