Running Training Camp

Running Training Camp

Anglesea Running Training Camp August 15-16th

On Saturday the 15th of August Athletics Victoria as part of the winter series are holding an event called the Anglesea Surf Coast Ekiden Relay. This will be a fun team event which many of our members will be running for the Collingwood Athletics Club. However, it is open to everyone so if you’re not a member you need to contact us so we can put you in a team and enter you.

After the event we will be gathering for dinner which will involve a talk from Liam and Erchana about nutrition. We will focus on pre, during and post exercise. We will also present a simple approach to a runners diet, given the confusing information about what makes a good diet for athletes.

Sunday morning we will be running as long as you like along the surf coast trails, given it’s a out and back course people will naturally form groups and turn at different points based on time, speed and fitness. We will meet on the beach after the run for a stretch session lead by Liam and then for the brave have a swim! or maybe just soak the legs. The run will start at 7:30am from the same start line as the day before near the Caravan park/beach. This is to allow time for everyone to get back for the 11am-12noon Stretch class.


You can either contact us to join in our accommodation booking or organise your own, just let us know where you are staying.


There is no cost for the sessions, however you will need to pay for your Saturday entry, accommodation and food.

This weekend of running will be surrounded by runners of all levels, the Saturday event attracts the best runners in the state. It will be a fun, social weekend providing a great opportunity to learn more about your running and open your eyes to what’s available to you in Victoria, where many of Australia’s best runners come from!