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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Massage is essential for good health, it also ensures you can keep training injury free to maintain a good level of fitness. We’re all about being healthy and fit!

To ensure you don’t get muscular injuries we encourage you to get regular treatments, the minimum required for this would be once a month, obviously the more the better.

If you are participating in our running, cycling or kayaking group training you will find a regular massage enables you to remain injury free and enhance your performance.

Liam has been massaging since 1999. He enjoys the challenge of getting people in optimum physical shape so they can run, ride, paddle and swim or do whatever they want to do to the best of their ability.

A regular competitor himself, Liam gives a very good pre and post event treatment, if you want to win, book in!

Liam has much experience and education in the field so can treat most if not all musculoskeletal injuries. Anything he can’t resolve, he will refer to the many other health professionals in his network.

Those with private health insurance can claim their treatments with Liam. Remedial massage prices are:

LiamFull price
1 hour $100
30 minutes $60

Concession price
1 hour $90
30 minutes $55

Vigor Members price
1 hour $80
30 minutes $50