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The foot is the first point of contact the body has with the ground. How it functions within itself and how that function affects the rest of the body are assessed and treated accordingly.  We don’t just “treat the feet”.

Podiatrists are foot specialists. They primarily focus on the treatment of foot pain but can also assess, diagnose and treat problems in relation to a range of lower limb and back issues.

Podiatric treatment

Podiatric treatment may include strapping, the issuing of rehabilitation plans, stretches and strengthening exercises, advice on activity modification to training or everyday habits.  As well as the prescription of orthotics, advice on the best footwear and the removal of corns and calluses.

How can Podiatry help you

At Vigor we specialise in sports injuries, everyday soft tissue and joint pain, and the removal of corns and calluses. We do not provide treatment for nail problems.  If you are experiencing short or long term foot discomfort you should make an appointment to see a Podiatrist.  The foot is subject to a large amount of stress and strain every time you walk, run, jump, skip, etc.  This can manifest as pain in the foot or somewhere else in the body. It’s important to consider podiatry for all injuries not just the legs. Podiatrists can correct the biomechanics, therefore laying the foundations for Osteopaths and Remedial Massage Therapists to assist the client back to full health.

A consultation

A podiatry consultation takes 30 minutes, this involves taking a thorough patient history. This may include joint range of motion testing, manual muscle testing, alignment and dynamic gait analysis.  Depending on the findings any number of treatment methods may be implemented. Your feet are very important and do a lot of work, treat them with care.

Our Podiatrist


Matthew Anderson

Matt’s interest in foot and lower limb injuries began many years ago when he had to undergo an ankle reconstruction, the result of many ankle sprains obtained playing a range of different sports and generally being very active. As a result of this Matt has developed a particular interest in treating and preventing sports injuries which has continued to develop from his participation in numerous sports and clubs in Melbourne including Premier Cricket Club Northcote and Kew Football Club.

Matt completed the Melbourne Marathon in 2011 and is a regular participant in fun runs and triathlons. He has seen and spoken to numerous athletes with a range of biomechanical concerns.