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Anyone can get coaching, it’s the fastest way to improve;  train smart with Vigor, avoid injury and illness and reach your full potential.

To get started book a ‘Health & Fitness’ consultation with Liam, this will include; current level of fitness and training, exercise history, short/long term goals, diet review, limitations – injuries/time, strengths and weaknesses.

To get the best out of your consultation we hope you can join our group exercise program, to find out how this works check out the memberships page to sign up to the best option for you.

Liam’s Background

Liam spends a lot of time outdoors leading group or individual training in running, cycling, paddling and swimming. This requires a diverse background, having trained and competed in these sports in single or multi-sport format, Liam has much personal experience to share.

Liam has also worked hard to get the necessary qualifications.  The Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement and Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy provided an excellent foundation. Following this over the years Liam has compiled a number of coaching courses in Personal Training, Triathlon, Running, Kayaking and Cycling.

Liam’s coaching philosophy is based around a holistic approach that will see you improve in the long term. The holistic approach is sustainable and hence you will continue to increase your fitness whilst remaining healthy and injury free. Most importantly if you listen to Liam, you’ll always get to the start line!